Welcome to Colonial Acres Golf Club and Learning Center website........Flash....Flash....Read all about it.......Colonial Acres Golf Club has been selected as the Best Facility for Player Development by the NENY PGA Section.  This means that if you want to learn how to play golf or improve your game CAGC is the best place to go. Great expectations for the 2014 golf season and it is only a few warm days away.
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Colonial Acres Golf Club & Learning Center

                  Special Announcements


     We have been nominated as the Player Development Facility of the Year for both adult and junior golfers by the NENY PGA.


     Junior Golf Camps ........Dates are as follows;

         July 11,12,13,14...ages 5 -10...9:00-12:00
         July 18,19,20,21...ages 10 up..9:00-3:00
         July 25,26,27,28...ages 5-10....9:00-12:00
         Aug 8,9,10,11........ages 10 up...9:00-3:00
         Aug 15,16,17,18....ages 5-10.....9:00-12:00
         Aug 22,23,24,25....ages 10 up...9:00-3:00

        Prices will remain the same as last year.
                  Ages 5-10.....$189
                  Ages 10 up...$289

     Please contact us by email to sign your kids up and payment will be on the first day of camp. My email is'll put your childs name on the sign up sheet.

                      2016 Season Rates
Daily Fee.... Senior (65)  9 hole $10 ($5 replay)
                     Kids             9 hole $10 ($5 replay)
                     Adult           9 hole  $13 ($5 replay)

                            Season Pass

  *TBD by the combination of adults and kids joining the club.
       We are striving for a more comprehensive and fun tournament schedule this year. Ideally we'll have a tournament committee of interested members who will put the package together. Those interested contact us and let's do this.


You do not need a tee time to play at CAGC. In fact you may pay more if you book it online.

     Footgolf has been a huge success and we want to thank everyone who has come to try it out. Just so you know, the footgolf course is open whenever the golf course is open. You play right amongst the golfers. Please bring your own balls, no soccor shoes please. I would suggest you Google footgolf so you have an idea how to play the game. Here, you play from the regular golf tees and kick to the orange flags which have 21" cups. The rules are very similar to golf and particularly the rules about etiquette. Rates for footgolf this season will be the same as for regular golf.


             You may contact me anytime at    

                 WE NEED  SPONSORS!!

     The walking trail is open!!   There are signs indicating the entrance and exit. Thanks you to Frank Slingerland for your tireless work getting the trail open. The bridges are still a work in progress but we expect them to be completed soon. The only thing left on our wish list is some fitness stations along the trail.
Sponsors would be greatly appreciated for these.

Benches located on each tee are available for local businesses to advertise their business. You may select the whole bench or just half the bench. The money goes to ISC Audubon in order for them to continue their educational efforts.

We want to teach and provide golf for a wide variety of golfers....At Risk Youths, those with disabilities, Veterans, Seniors.......




                                NOW   !!!



      Call the 518-439-2089 

Footgolf is here....give it a try!!

Golf lessons are a wonderful gift idea for any occasion.......$60 per lesson or $260 for a series of 5 lessons (recommended)


                ****** Important notice*******

                             Upcoming Events


      We had over 80 kids go thru our junior golf camps this summer. We are growing the game. 

League me to set up your leagues for the 2016 season.....We've got BEER and WINE...and the perfect venue for real golf which doesn't take forever.....take your pick of evenings or days but they won't last so make your selections now!!

Corporate Golf Outings....Colonial Acres Golf Club is the perfect venue for Team Building Golf Outings....close to downtown Albany, NY.....we offer anything you need for your customers and employees. Enjoy our course and then enjoy the deck overlooking the pond while quaffing an adult beverage. We can put together customized golf outings to include golf, instruction, food and beverage, tournaments or fund raising events.


WE NEED YOU!!........this is the perfect venue for your golfing needs yet you are the population segment which utilizes CAGC the least. Instead of exercising in a sweaty gym why don't you come enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and friendly atmosphere at Colonial Acres Golf Club. We have programs for instruction, competition, or just playing a casual round of golf.

EXTRA...EXTRA....READ ALL ABOUT IT!! Colonial Acres Golf Club has been nominated the Best Facility for Player Development 2015 by the NENY PGA Section in both the junior and adult categories. 


              IMPORTANT  NOTICE


Disc Golf......9 holes....$7   (all day $13)



Every Wednesday evening at 5:30 I will be on the first tee.....anyone wants to play with me be there.....we'll pick some teams and shoot it out....a small wagering The game has moved up a half hour to allow for earlier darkness and that trend will continue as time goes on.



Premium Glenmont Golf At The Colonial Acres Golf Club and Learning Center

Welcome to Colonial Acres Golf & Learning Center, the premiere option for a quick round of golf in Glenmont, New York. Our club is the perfect blend of picturesque scenery and challenging golf without all the frou frou. For years golfers have flocked to our grounds, and we take pride in our friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Colonial Acres Golf Club was first opened in 1964, and since 1998 it has been a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary under the leadership and guidance of course superintendent Pat Blum. This course has been recognized by environmental groups for its water conservation, waste reduction and plant and wildlife management. In fact, in 2000 our club even won the New York State Governor's Award for Pollution Prevention in the small business category. Other awards have included Environmental Leaders in Golf by Golf Digest for its innovative efforts to reduce the use of water, pesticides and production of waste. And in 2006, Colonial Acres earned the Environmental Protection Agency's National Environmental Performance Track Outreach Award.
       Golf instruction is now offered by Dale H. Ezyk, a PGA Golf Professional for over twenty years. Innovative lesson programs for beginners, juniors, and more advanced players are available. Dale is fun, informative and will improve your game.
       Season passes are available and our every day fees can't be beat. You won't find a better conditioned golf course at these affordable prices anywhere.

Our Challenging Glenmont Golf Course

While our course is an excellent destination for anyone seeking environmental preservation and the natural splendor of the area, it is also acclaimed for the quality of golf. Players love our challenging layout that also manages to leave all who visit with a sense of calm and peace. We have multiple tee sets to accommodate players of all skill and experience levels. Colonial Acres Golf Club is a must-play golf course. We can't wait to meet you!