Welcome to Colonial Acres Golf Club and Learning Center website........Flash....Flash....Read all about it.......Colonial Acres Golf Club has been selected as the Best Facility for Player Development by the NENY PGA Section.  This means that if you want to learn how to play golf or improve your game CAGC is the best place to go. Great expectations for the 2014 golf season and it is only a few warm days away.


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Great news....Colonial Acres has been selected as the best facility for Player Development by the NENY PGA Section. So if you are just learning the game or want to improve your skills we have been deemed  the best facility for you to do so. Our innovative, fun, golf instruction and immaculate golf course provides a relaxing, stress free atmosphere to hone your skills.  Our staff of Dale Ezyk and John Andrews have many years experience and are fun, intuitive instructors. 

We have hookd up with The Tri City Valley Cats......their all about kids, families, and fun at affordable prices and so are we. They are all about developing young players and so are we. The first event will be Opening Day Weekend Play and Watch.....Play nine holes of golf and then go watch the ballgame....all for $20.....June 13,14,and 15. It's a great ballpark and wonderful atmosphere so sign up soon...we'll all be sitting together to support the Cats.

The following events are planned at our golf club for the 2014 golf season. For a complete month by month view please click on the link at the bottom of the page.

    Junior Golf Camp sign ups have begun and the camps are filling up....Camps are divided into two age groups.....5-10 and 11 and up. Three camps have been scheduled for each age group. We limit the number of students and if we are overwhelmed with signees we will schedule more camps. The dates are listed on the calender. The 5-10 age group will be from 9:00 - 12:00, and the older kids go from 9:00 - 3:00. The older kids must bring a lunch and all kids will be provided healthy snacks and beverages . PGA Sports Academy is $189 for kids 5 -10, and $289 for kids 11 and up. This ia a great value and only so many spots are available so it's important to sign up early as the first paid entrants will get the worm so to speak (early bird )


     The golf camps are fashioned after the PGA Sports Academy. We will be learning the fundamentals of golf, etiquette, rules and all else.  Our focus is on having fun and sharing with our fellow students. Dale incorporates into his teaching the core values that are inherent to the game of golf and which apply to our every day life. The Sports Camps will be feeders to our Junior Golf League which we are also starting this year.

      I've been doing junior camps up and down the east coast every year for more years than I care to admit. Our focus is on having fun and having your child gain new friends and learn the game of lifetime. Our goal is to have your kids hang out at the golf course and not in front of some video game.

Disc Golf has arrived....newest disc golf course in the Capital Region and the reviews are, challenging and a beautiful setting.  Disc rentals and sales available in the golf (disc?) shop. Fastest growing sport in the United Sates.

       The popular Get Golf Ready adult lesson series has been scheduled with many options available. Get Golf Ready is a series of 5 lessons in a group atmosphere where you learn all the basics in a non threatening, fun format with others just like yourself. Every lesson you will spend time on the golf course actually playing the game. At the end of the series you will be confident enough to come out and enjoy playing with your new friends and take a break from everyday life.

    There will be  a Wednesday evening gangsome. Another opportunity to meet new players and play a little competitve game. We're calling it a skins game but the format will change from week to week depending on what the players want to do. Come out and join the fun. Most of you think " I can't play competetive golf....I'm not good enough. "  WRONG!!! Teams will be divided by skill level, handicaps will be used and everyone will contribute and have an opportunity to win. Competetive golf is great fun and it actually gives you somewhat of a sense of what the big boys go thru week in and week out.

      Every other week we're have an 18 hole tournament open to anybody who wants to play. The format will change from week to week. Handicaps will be used and prizes awarded. Here's that competetive golf thing again. Players may be flighted by age, handicap, gender......all to be determined by who signs up. The frequency of these events will be determined by the level of participation so come out and play some golf.


     The grill is on the deck and available for use....come play your round in the evening and when your done fire up the grill and cook whatever you brought. BYOB for now....we are in process of acquiring a beer and wine license......Take advantage of this great perk and enjoy CAGC after dark.....oooh!!

Upcoming Events

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