Welcome to Colonial Acres Golf Club and Learning Center website........Flash....Flash....Read all about it.......Colonial Acres Golf Club has been selected as the Best Facility for Player Development by the NENY PGA Section.  This means that if you want to learn how to play golf or improve your game CAGC is the best place to go. Great expectations for the 2014 golf season and it is only a few warm days away.

The "Links"

May 1, 2013............Welcome to the "Links" This is going to be sort of a blog where I let everyone know what's been happening around Colonial Acres Golf Club and Learning Center. If any of our members or guests do anything extraordinary on the course we'll let you know here.

     I have ordered two 10' by 10 ' hitting nets and driving mats which will be located between the golf shop and maint. barn. I'll do my teaching there and anyone may use them to loosen up and take a few swings before their round. There will be a slight fee for the balls. Next to the mats will be our putting green. Anyone may use that to sharpen their skills.

      We are having a ribbon cutting, grand opening, open house the weekend of May 17,18, & 19. The club has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region and that weekend will be used as a fundraiser with the proceeds going to BBBS. Local businesses have been donating goods and services for a raffle and I'm very grateful for the support we've received. I'll be giving free teaser golf lessons all weekend so maybe we can work a few kinks out of your swings. Everyone is welcome and I hope you stop by. More info as we get it so keep checking here.

     Leagues are forming for Tuesday and Thursday evenings, There will be a spring/summer session and a summer /fall session. Leagues will last ten weeks with prizes, playoffs and fun. 

     We're also doing a Wednesday night skins game starting late May. Bring your money, let it fly and hope you birdie the right hole. Fun and fellowship being the name of the game.

      Couples fun on Friday nights. Hit and giggle, fire up the grill and meet other couples on the deck afterwards. Skinny dipping in the pond optional!

    I intend to make this site a fun, interactive place to come. I'll be posting photos, videos, swing tips and all around fun stuff. Always looking for input. My email is so drop me a line.

      Season passes are still available......This club is going to be a fun place to hang around. What we do here will be dictated by you.  This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and make this club
whatever you want it to be. 

2 May2013

      Had a remarkable thing happen to me today.....Two golf students who I introduced to the game about 4-5 years ago stopped by Colonial Acres today to say hello and play the course. They are two left handed players who had never so much as held a golf club before and happen to be from Switzerland. They visit the states often and I'm guessing this may be an annual visit as they have family in Syracuse.
      The soil for the practice putting green came in today and work on it continues. My mats have been shipped and should arrive beginning of next week. So my mini practice area is starting to take shape and lessons will soon start in earnest......I have given some lessons already and it's great to be back teaching.

!5 May 2013

     Couple days before the gala ribbon cutting and I'm all a flutter, I've cast a wide net with my marketing and can only wait and hope the grand opening and open house draws a good amount of people and generates some buzz.  The hitting nets are supposed to arrive today and we will put them up as soon as possible. Dottie Pepper was by the other day to drop off some Bogey Ballton books and accessories.  The course is in wonderful shape and new people are discovering it every day.