Welcome to Colonial Acres Golf Club and Learning Center website........Flash....Flash....Read all about it.......Colonial Acres Golf Club has been selected as the Best Facility for Player Development by the NENY PGA Section.  This means that if you want to learn how to play golf or improve your game CAGC is the best place to go. Great expectations for the 2014 golf season and it is only a few warm days away.

Rules at Colonial Acres Golf Course Golf Club and Learning Center

Colonial Acres Golf Course is the perfect venue for learning the game of golf. We ask that those who are new to the game be aware of their surroundings. Keep up with the pace of the group in front of you. If the group behind you is waiting, and there is space open ahead of you allow them to play thru. Take care of the course by repairing your divits and ball marks. This course is also a great place to work on your mid and short game and we certainly encourage you to do so but please in a manner which will not slow play. If you hit multiple shots to the green please repair all your ball marks and divits. Be patient with the novice players. Golf is a social game. Please join others if you are a single or twosome. It's not fair for the single player to expect to play through every group you come up behind. We take pride in our Audubon Sanctuary status. The areas so marked are nesting grounds for our feathered friends. If you can see your ball, gingerly go in and pick it up and take your free drop. We ask you to not thrash about in these areas searching for your ball. If you can't find it we'll give you a replacement ball. We expect our junior golfers to be knowledgeable about the rules and etiquette of the game. Take care of the course and be thoughtful of other players around you. We are not particularly strict in regards to "proper attire" Please keep your shirts on men. Your not as buff as you think. The backward hat thing is pretty much a thing of the past. Our biggest rule is that you have fun and enjoy yourself at Colonial Acres. We have a vision for this place and and our goal is to make it a place you want to be.